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Class 2 Safety Vest

Class 2 Safety Vest. Neon with reflective silver and orange stripes.

Class 2 Safety Vest

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Stay Safe, Be Seen!

High visibility safety vests or ‘hi vis vests’ improves visibility to prevent injury to those who wear it. This reduces the risk of serious accidents at the job for construction workers, traffic police and others working in ports, airports, yards, emergency services and utility jobs. This is true by day and night and in inclement weathers when vision is compromised. Reflective vests aid in safety in high traffic areas for cyclists, motor cyclists, crossing guards as well as security personal.

Safety vests are classified by Ansi into separate classes; Class 2 safety vests are for work areas where workers have to stand out against a multi colored background this includes construction workers, surveyors, security guards, safety patrols and forklift operators. Neon vests offer extra visibility and are highly beneficial to use when cycling, running or even walking. Fluorescent yellow vests reduce the risk of a collision crash by increasing the distance at which drivers will detect you.

Reflective Vest - Orange trim edging on the double horizontal reflective stripes is designed to increase visibility and goes all around from front to back. This is perfect for nighttime bike riding as the reflective strips are easily picked up by a car’s headlights.

Zip It Up - Don’t waste time with the easy on zipper closure, just zip it up!

Lightweight - This lightweight safety vest, made of 100% Polyester material, is perfect to wear while running or when riding your motorcycle.

Sizing - The GripGlo high visibility safety vest has a helpful size chart with the measurements for four sizes, medium, Large, X Large and XX Large this will ensure that you order the right size for men and women, adults and kids. If you did order the wrong size we offer Hassle Free Returns!

Size up your high visibility vest for cold weather wear over top your winter jacket!

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